The Actions


The Lesbian and Gay Pride Montpellier is a non-profit association. It was created on April 4, 1995.

The association aims organizing and promoting events, cultural or other marches and various interventions to defend the rights of LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans), the fight against all forms of discrimination and LGBT health preventive actions (among others: STIs, HIV / AIDS, hepatitis, etc.).


► Lesbian and Gay Pride

25,000 people came to protest on July 12, 2014 for the 20th edition of the Pride and the 1st anniversary of the law opening marriage to same-sex couples.

Each year you are more likely to say NO to discrimination and YES to equality.

The Pride is a year of work, dozens of meetings and contacts, a lot of money invested, hundreds of volunteers who give their time, their energy and their smiles to make this moment unforgettable.


► The health-related actions in 2014

In addition to AIDS screenin tests, many actions are organized around December 1, the World Day against AIDS.

– November 28, 2014, a sex Tarot was held at the House of LGBT with Enipse

– November 30, 2014, the LGP and SPI held a rally with candles in memory of AIDS victims, while condoms was distributed , and advice and information were provided into the bars in the city.

– December 2, 2014, the city has been awarded as the « City committed against AIDS »

– December 4, 2014, at the Montpellier vs Lorient match, the MHSC has donated € 1 per seat for the fight against AIDS and LGP has distributed more than 10,000 condoms / gels


► Helping Victims

With the legal counsel held by a free lawyer in criminal law,a hundred people have been counseled, directed or supported in their filing of complaint and referral to psychological counseling.


► Political actions

Despite the advance of LGBT rights in France, mobilization and activism have not stopped: 3 events for equality and against homophobia were held in 2014, bringing together not less than a thousand people in total .

During the city hall election, we held a major debate in which all candidates for Mayor of Montpellier were invited to present their program and answer questions from the public about LGBT issues.

The Lesbian and Gay Pride Montpellier will be there to defend the rights of all LGBT people.


► Supporting Associations

Several associations (Los valent SOS Homophobia, Ghandis the Church MCC, ANGEL, Rando’s south, the Children of Rainbow) have benefited from the loan from the House of LGBT to hold their briefings, their boards administrations, their assembly and so on


► International Activities

Member of InterPride (the International Association of Pride organizers) and EPOA (european pride organizers association), the LGP Montpellier attended several meetings to develop international partnerships and highlight Montpellier.

Vincent Autin is the director of the region #13 (France, Belgium, Holland, Monaco) and at the World InterPride. Also, Elodie Brun, former coordinator of the LGP, was the coordinator of the human rights for EPOA.

The aim is to encourage international association leaders to come to Montpellier and to discover our city, but also to exchange our experiences and to move towards the global decriminalization of homosexuality.

We wish to develop the international assistance with sending packages (brochures, condoms / lubricant, etc) to associations of countries where homosexuality is still penalized or to European countries that do not have the means to develop their actions.

The LGP Montpellier was elected to host in October 2016 the International Conferences for InterPride and Europride. A first in France!