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SOS homophobie
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SOS homophobia is an association that fights against discrimination and homophobic and transphobic aggression. Established on 11 April 1994 and based in Paris, SOS homophobia has developed several regional delegations to ensure the relay for its interventions and actions against homophobia to greater acceptance of diverse sexual orientations and to fight for visibility and equal rights for LGBT people.
SOS homophobia is a non-profit organization that fights lGBT + discrimination and aggression. Established on April 11, 1994, SOS homophobia is composed of several regional delegations to ensure the relay of its interventions and its actions against homophobia with a view to a better acceptance of the diversity of diverse sexual orientations and to fight for visibility and equal rights for LGBT+ people.

SOS homophobia is convinced that the fight goes through the implementation of an ambitious policy of prevention: explaining diversity, reassuring, raising awareness of the acceptance of sexual orientation and gender identity. Many advocacy tools are prepared and offered especially in schools, in various professional and event contexts.
For its operations, SOS homophobia led action on several fronts through to the efforts of a dozen groups and commissions. A crisis line, staffed by trained activists, is open every day so that victims and witnesses can obtain information, listen carefully and make a report. A group specifically dedicated to online testimonials allows victims to contact the association through the website. Finally, SOS homophobia can accompany victims in daily affairs and the association is empowered to sue victims of of homophobic acts.

SOS homophobia also conducts prevention actions with the « Commission Intervention in School Environment » to deconstruct stereotypes and misconceptions that form the discrimination ground at school. The Intervention and Vocational Training Commission for adults works to integrate the fight against homophobic discrimination into professional practices. The Lesbophobie Commission fights against specific discrimination against lesbians by creating information and communication media and by participating in round tables, debates, demonstrations … The « Teen and homophobia Commission » offers specific support via its website which provides information, testimonials, cultural resources, etc …

SOS homophobia conducts surveys, identifies and analyzes.

Last survey of 2018

SOS homophobia advocates for equal rights: it works with public authorities and associations, and this also thanks to the efforts of the Commissions Event and Communication.
Mainly composed of volunteers, SOS homophobia is open to everyone, everywhere in France.