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SOS Homophobie

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SOS Homophobia is an association that fights against discrimination and homophobic and transphobic aggression. Established on 11 April 1994 and based in Paris, SOS Homophobia has developed several regional delegations to ensure the relay for its interventions and actions against homophobia to greater acceptance of diverse sexual orientations and to fight for visibility and equal rights for LGBT people.

SOS Homophobia is convinced that the fight against homophobia through the implementation of an ambitious policy of prevention: explain the diversity, reassure enhance the acceptance of sexual orientation and gender identity. Many advocacy tools are prepared and offered particularly in schools, in various professional and event contexts.
For its operations, SOS Homophobia led action on several fronts through the efforts of a dozen groups and commissions. Crisis Line, led by activists formed es, is open every day so that victims and witnesses of homophobic or transphobic acts can obtain information, listen carefully and make a report. A group specifically dedicated to online accounts allows victims to contact the association via the website. Finally, SOS Homophobia can accompany victims in daily business and the association is entitled to bring a civil action with victims of homophobic incidents.

Mainly composed of volunteers, SOS Homophobia is open to all and everyone, everywhere in France.

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