Since 2008, TIGNES organizes a LGBT week. Already, on April 1, 2008, before the enactment of marriage for all, the City Council took the decision to celebrate the Civil Union during a republican ceremony for couples who want it.

The town goes even further by signing the charter against homophobia in the sport in 2013 and officially took a position by supporting the « marriage for all » law.

The station officially received the first married couple in France. From this meeting came the idea to organize the first Pride in a ski resort with the desire to install this appointment every winter. The LGP Montpellier offered to create a « Montpellier-Tignes » union as the LGP Montpellier-Tignes association. This structure is this « marriage » between two cities working together to promote tolerance and respect for diversity.

In July 2014, the realization of this union is materialized through the presence of a « Tignes » float during the Montpellier Pride. A float that launched an artificial snow on the participants.
A few months later, the 1st edition of the Tignes Pride was held on March 26, 2015 permanently sealing the reconciliation between Montpellier & Tignes. The association LGP Montpellier-Tignes was born.

With Tignes, the « friendly » ski resort, and Montpellier, the « friendly » seaside city, the LGBT has now two places, one for winter and one for summer!