Le Refuge

Site : http://www.le-refuge.org/

Le Refuge is the only organization in France recognized by the State, proposing multiple sources of support (social, medical, psychological, legal, financial) as well as work reintegration and temporary accommodation for young people above 18 who are victims of discrimination related to homophobia or transphobia. This assistance is entirely free of charge for those in a situation of a family breakdown. The aid is supported by public funds as well as private donations.

Le Refuge was founded in 2003 in response to the lack of support available for those victims of homophobia and transphobia. The Montpellier-born organization has since spread across the country and was recognized as an official charitable establishment in 2011. In France, there has been very little response to the distress experienced by the victims of homophobic/transphobic discrimination, triggering potentially disastrous consequences. Figures show that the majority of suicide attempts occur during the teen years, when young people are isolated and have no sense of belonging to a social group. They may face actual rejection from their family or fear future rejection. Young homosexuals are between 7 and 13 times more likely to try to commit suicide than young heterosexuals.

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