Julien Vidal Photographies-Vidéos

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JULIEN VIDAL Photo-Video offers a work on feelings through the Visual Arts, transcribing your feelings through the image.
A work that can combine with light and sound to make your Teasers, Reports or Video Clips richer in emotion.

We listen to your desires and we support you in your achievements.

After a degree at the Faculty of Arts and Letters (Paul Valéry Montpellier), in Performing Arts, Julien Vidal started the photography in 2009.
The first video is about the city of Montpellier and has been published on social networks.

Then, new creations on some Montpellier events appeared as the coming of Paul McCartney, various artists performing in the streets, the ZAT (Zones Artistic Temporary), FISE (International Festival of Extreme Sports), the Lesbian & Gay Pride, the first Festival of Lights, politicians campaigns, some events, the solar eclipse of 2015, the fireworks of July 14, the FESTIKITE, the WET PARTY organized by one of the largest Clubbing of Montpellier, …

Thereafter, some short films about the incoming of artists such as Kylie Minogue, The Enfoirés, Katy Perry, Stéphane Rousseau, Louane or Kev Adams.