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The historical association « THE SNEG » was created in 1990 by Bernard Bousset supported by other activists operators. Our successive presidents were Jean-François Chassagne, Gerard Siad and finally Frédéric Dupont.

While the AIDS epidemic was rampant, it was still illegal in France to distribute condoms and prevention materials in shops. Accompanied by a handful of gay activists, businessmen and civil society actors, Bernard Bousset then calls the authorities to get permission to set up, without fear verbalization or administrative closure, condom distribution and document prevention tailored to the gay community. March 18, 1992 due to the actions of Bernard Bousset, signed an inter-ministerial circular to the establishment of prevention in commercial establishments in the gay community, but also far beyond …

Today the association changed its name and operating mode. It was renamed to ENIPSE, National Team of Prevention and Intervention in Health for Enterprise and retains only the activity related to prevention and community health.

Union activity is transferred to a new association (previously created in April 2013) registered as a trade union No. 21039 under the Act of March 21, 1884 and named « SNEG & CO. » Both entities established different legal structures keep some collaborations.

Since the creation of our ENIPSE structure, operators supported financially over 100 million condoms to our shopping center (now co-managed by the two structures). This partnership has enabled the distribution of more than 9 million of prevention materials andENIPSE has created 69 prevention campaigns! Thousands of hours of interventions in prevention, whole evenings we spend each year with you in your establishments throughout France!

This experience of SNEG association, today ENIPSE, prevention of HIV, other sexually transmitted infections and promoting the health of populations frequenting gay establishments is recognized by the worldwide HIV associations and institutions.