David et Jonathan

Site : http://www.davidetjonathan.com/

David & Jonathan is an association created in 1972 which includes homosexuals in spiritual quest.

Act for ourself, acting for and with others allows each and every gay lesbian to live and to fully combine homosexuality and spirituality, and to find a place in the society.

David & Jonathan is in this approach by the diversity of its members: Spiritual Diversity (Protestant, Catholic, agnostic, research …), age, social or geographical origin, emotional life, commitments in society (another association, union, professional …).

David & Jonathan is a big family -based on Christian values- that promotes tolerance, friendship and hospitality to allow to each individuals to live better with the homosexuality in a spirit of brotherhood and mutual solidarity.

Find all the information, animations, highlights and reflections on the national site.

In Languedoc-Roussillon, two local groups exist: the Béziers-Narbonne group and the Nimes-Avignon group.

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