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Chemin des Cimes, sports and cultural association LGBTQI + and sympathizers of Montpellier and its region, exists since January 2002. Created by a mountain enthusiast, it proposed at its origin sports of nature (climbing, running, hiking, rollerblading, and mountain biking).

Currently, Chemin des Cimes unites the practitioners of 9 sports disciplines (hiking, running, badminton, swimming, tennis, women’s football, squash, yoga and volleyball) regardless of the level of each, in leisure and competition. Also 3 cultural sections (theater, choir & photographs), open to all.

The associative project is based around « Sport & Culture for All against Homophobia ».
The association cultivates diversity and counts more than 350 members. For its operation, the association financially supports the training of its members in first aid, mechanical repair and hiking activities. Thus, Federal Patents of the French Hiking Federation (FFR), and the French Federation of Mountain Climbing have been validated within Chemin des Cimes.

The association’s competitors represent it at local, national and international sports events such as the Volley34 championship, trails, marathons, TIP, TIGALY.

Accredited by the Ministry of Health, Youth and Sports since 2007, Chemin des Cimes is financially supported by the state and local authorities. We also have support in all our projects of the city of Montpellier, Montpellier Agglomeration, Herault Sport and the Occitanie Region. Member of the FFR, sports and gymnastics federation, Fierté Montpellier Pride and other militant associations, Chemin des Cimes advocate militant actions and events against homophobia. Our association supports major causes such as the national association Refuge, against the exclusion of young homosexuals, participates in Sidaction, on World AIDS Day.

The association Chemin des Cimes organizes for its members sporting and friendly activities on weekdays and weekends.

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