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The musical classes are for all: boys and girls. No need to be a singer, actor or dancer. Motivation and determination are the only words!

The course consists of a vocal warm-up, theater exercises, dance bar track work on a song, a dance and theater extract. All thes things are carefully chosen from the Broadway’s repertoire to present a stage show by the end of year.


Expression exercises and games as benchmarks and fundamentals for drama. The exercises are specific and gradual with an analysis of the inventive process and imagination. The goal is to return to an orderly and playful work including a creative approach that is done by the other, image, text, voice, stage presence, concentration, improvisation ….


Fundamentals and terminology, moving and choreography, coordination, body rhythm and improvisation are on schedule. From these basis are developed the experiment, the relationship music-space-time, the refinement of the perception of the body by working on the weight, supports, soil, forms … All this with the concern to develop awareness, accuracy and quality of the act.


We explore the many possibilities that the voice can offer through breathing, posture, vibration, rhythm and harmony exercises that help everyone find the accuracy of the song. The program proposes to go beyond inhibitions, fatigue and stress to express themselves more freely. An interpretive work is also in place in order to highlight the artistic essence of each and every one.

Photo d'Amélie Deux Ailes Photo d'Amélie Deux Ailes
Photo d'Amélie Deux Ailes Photo d'Amélie Deux Ailes

Crédit photo : Vincent Bartoli

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