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After months of a non-debate, sometimes disgusting – in which the Montpellier Pride has provided financial, material and considerable human resources to defend the LGBT rights – on April 23, 2013, the same sex couples earned a highly symbolic battle: the civil marriage.

But the struggle towards full equality of rights is far from over! We can only do it together, united and proud!

That is why we need your support.

All the associations suffer from some financial difficulties, and ours is not excluded. Join Montpellier Pride is also financially supported an association that fights every day, with non-profit, for the good of all.

The price of membership for one year is:

A small price for large projects!

You can count on Montpellier Pride, but Montpellier Pride also needs you!

You can join us online (in French).

Association d’intérêt général

It rewards the efforts of Montpellier Pride for 20 years serving the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans), other associations and « friendly » business: Montpellier Pride is now recognized as an association of public interest.

More generally, it is the commitment of Montpellier Pride against homophobia, against all kind of exclusion and discrimination that is recognized, and its fight for equal rights.
Now the association is authorized to receive donations that enable the donor to benefit from a tax reduction of 66% of the amount paid.

For example, for a 100€ donation to Montpellier Pride, 66€ will be tax deductible (in France only). You can do it online (in French).